Eve Analytics

Our data and software solution, Eve Analytics, allows you to perform model selection, study design, and data analysis from a single cloud-connected interface.

6 million+
Data points
Organ models
Study designs
Drugs & compounds

Research query

Input the biological, pathological, or medical question you want to answer into Eve Analytics.

Model selection

Get matched with the best model for your study from our library of 150+ organ chips and MPS systems.

Study design

Select your assays, endpoints, cell types, microenvironment conditions, and study parameters.

Study execution

Order your selected organ models, cell culture products, and hardware systems to execute your study.

Data curation

Automatically upload data from your experiment into Eve Analytics with consistent data labeling and structuring.


Use Eve Analytics’ built-in data visualization, modeling, and reproducibility tools to extract, report, and share study insights.

One data standard on one platform

Tired of learning a new workflow for each new study? We bring together MPS models from the world’s most innovative providers onto one platform.
We pre-seed organ chips with high-quality tissues and pre-develop study designs with built-in analytics so you don’t have to.
Studies, models, and data are reported under one universal standard, unlocking reliable interstudy and intrastudy analyses for the first time ever.
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Modeling platform

Work with our end-to-end suite of biology, hard, software, and data products to simplify your workflow.

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Data & analysis

Access and analyze the largest repository of MPS data with statistics, modeling, and reproducibility tools.

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Organ models

Explore our library of industry-leading organ models, cell culture products, and hardware systems.

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